Kleinwalsertal Höhenweg im Winter
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Cross-country skiing

The emphasis in Alphotel is very much on cross-country skiing. Whether you are looking for cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal, cross-country skiing in the Vorarlberg or cross-country skiing in Austria, you’ll strike it rich in Alphotel!

Cross-country skiing paradie in Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg

That’s because Kleinwalsertal has five classic slopes available for you, covering a total of 42 km in length, at an altitude of between 1050 and 1260m. Access to the central slope is around 750m from Alphotel.

Cross-country skiing on freshly tracked slopes

Cross-country skiing in Alphotel embodies having fun while cross-country skiing. However, cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal is also about skill! Only those who have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals in cross-country skiing can have fun and be safe practising the sport. It is advantageous for cross-country skiers to have a basic grasp of alpine skiing. what is of particular importance here is having a command of the snow plough. Cross-country skiing courses are offered if required in the ski schools in Kleinwalsertal. Cross-country skiing equipment can also be hired in the ski hire stations. The sports shops in Kleinwalsertal are also well-versed in everything to do with cross-country, they have all the items of equipment you might need and are happy to advise you.

With the key words cross-country skiing Vorarlberg and cross-country skiing Austria, Kleinwalsertal scores points when it comes to snow-assuredness. Tracks are made in the Kleinwalsertal slopes every day; for safety reasons these are only prepared at night-time. All cross-country slopes are accessible on foot or by the Walserbus – there is a fee for parking.



Cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal – an overview of the slopes

The Schwende slope

This is a moderately difficult, classic style slope featuring a difficult descent. There is a skating section: approx. 3 km in the Gasthof Bergblick area
Length around 12 km, altitude difference around 150m

Access: Riezlern - Ausserschwende (Sonnenburg, Bergblick), Ausserwald (Gasthof Hörnlepass)

The Küren Wäldele slope

Moderately difficult to difficult, classic style slope with a difficult ascent and descent.
Length 8 km, altitude difference around 160m

Access: Hirschegg - Au, Wäldele, Oberwäldel

The Egg slope

The Egg slope is a moderately difficult, classic style slope with a difficult descent and a difficult ascent in the connecting section to the Küren Wäldele slope.
Length 4 km, altitude difference around 100m

Access: Riezlern - Egg

The Steinbock slope

An easy to moderately difficult, classic style slope with two difficult ascents and descents. One section is also prepared as a skating section, around 5 km in the town of Bödmen.
Length around 16 km, altitude difference around 180m.

Access: Mittelberg - Tobel, Hotel Alpenrose, tennis hall, Weiher

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