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Cross-country skiers in the Kleinwalsertal valley

Cross-country skiing in the Kleinwalsertal valley

The trails in the Kleinwalsertal valley

Is cross-country skiing your favourite winter sport? Or at least an exciting and vital alternative on ski-free days? Cross-country skiing is one of the main themes at the Alphotel.

In the Kleinwalsertal valley in Austria you will find excellent cross-country skiing routes with a breathtaking mountain panorama that makes winter sports enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. Because the Kleinwalsertal has four classic trails with a total length of 45 km at an altitude of 1050 and 1260m. The entrance to the central trail is about 750 metres from the Alphotel.

Cross-country paradise Kleinwalsertal

The trails in the Kleinwalsertal valley

Cross-country skiing on freshly groomed trails. Cross-country skiing in the Alphotel means enjoying cross-country skiing for you. Cross-country skiing in the Kleinwalsertal valley also takes skill! Only those who know the basic skills of cross-country skiing can have fun cross-country skiing without danger. For cross-country skiers it is advantageous to have the basic concepts of alpine skiing under your belt. It is especially important to master the snowplow Cross-country skiing courses are offered in the Kleinwalsertal valley ski schools if required. Cross-country skiing equipment can also be rented from the ski rental companies. The sports shops in the Kleinwalsertal valley are also well versed in cross-country skiing, carry all equipment and gladly advise you.

The Kleinwalsertal valley scores big with snow reliability when it comes to cross-country skiing in Vorarlberg and cross-country skiing in Austria, with the Steinbock trail even being snow-covered. The trails in the Kleinwalsertal valley are groomed daily, but for safety reasons they are groomed only at night. All cross-country trails are accessible on foot or by Walser bus - the parking spaces are subject to a charge.

The cross-country ski trails in Kleinwalsertal

Length, access & difficulty

The Schwende trail

The Küren-Waldele trail

The Egg trail

The Capricorn trail

All information about cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal

Trail fees, hire & courses

Where can you go cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal?

How many cross-country ski trails are there in Kleinwalsertal?

How much does it cost to use the cross-country ski trails in Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg?

Where can I hire cross-country skiing equipment in Kleinwalsertal?

Are cross-country skiing courses also offered in Kleinwalsertal?

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