Blick ins sommerliche Kleinwalsertal
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Walser Omgang

Looking for liberation and self-determination The path to you. Walser Omgang is a sort of contemporary interpretation of the history of the Oberwalliser people, who hiked from Switzerland to Breitachtal (today’s Kleinwalsertal) in search of liberation and self-determination.

The Walser Omgang

On your journey you find space to develop your talents and strengths. This is how you develop your own art of living, in line with the values of self-determination, self-fulfilment and sustainability. The aim of the Walser Omgang is to guide your life in the rhythm of the natural surroundings and to help you walk your way to your own inner transformation. As a guest in Kinderhotel Alphotel make the most of the Walser Omgang and find the right path for yourself. In keeping with different characters, the Walser Omgang offers eight different trails

Eight trails with different features
Away from work-related stress and the hectic pace of day-to-day life, while hiking you get to concentrate wholly on yourself and see the world around you with fresh eyes. Discover the opportunity of discovering your real self and creating a healthy balance within yourself.
The Walser Omgang offers you eight different trails which are signposted in different colours, depending on their character. The primary goal of hikes is not just about getting from A to B, but of finding inner balance and relaxation.

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