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Vinoble Cosmetics - made in Austria

Vegan cosmetic products made by hand in Austria

Vinoble Cosmetics products and treatments are result-oriented. In order to achieve quickly visible results, Vinoble Cosmetics relies on highly dosed, natural ingredients from the power of the grape.
Thus, an improvement of the skin is achieved in a very short time. These antioxidants are almost unsurpassed in their effectiveness.

All treatments are tailored to the respective skin type, vegan and unisex.

Fresh mountain air

Ritual: cleansing, peeling, facial massage

Our little introductory treatment with a freshness kick.
The result: an immediately visible improvement in the skin

Duration approx. 30 min € 49

Gentle mountain world

Ritual: cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping eyebrows, serum for the skin, facial massage, final care

Reconstructive, revitalizing treatment that promotes the skin's regeneration process. For a fresh, relaxed and clear complexion.

Duration approx. 60 min € 79

Alpine anti-aging

Ritual: Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, concentrate cocktail, facial massage, eye care, special lifting or peel-off mask, final care

Intensive anti-aging treatment with all the power of grapes that stimulates collagen fibers and cell renewal. For a firm, radiant complexion.

Duration approx. 70 min € 98