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Ayurveda is a natural, gentle method for greater health, well-being and joie de vivre. In the Ayurvedic health system for several thousand years, the person has been regarded as a whole, with body, spirit and soul.

Massages using oils

The three energies in the body (Doshas) are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha and are responsible for what goes on in the body and soul. A person is healthy as long as the three Doshas are individually balanced. Ayurvedic massages help to (re)discover thsi equilibrium. In so doing, the oil treatments (Snehana) take on a significant function – externally as well as internally.
Massages use carefully selected oils to suit your personality. Pure vegetable, certified, organic oils are enhanced with authentic Ayurvedic herbal oil supplements, depending on the treatment and what is required. The oil is worked into the skin with specific strokes, massaging and stretching.

Please note that you cannot have a treatment with our Ayurvedic massages during the first three months of pregnancy.

Abhyanga full body massage

Be indulged during a gentle whole body massage with warming oils; this gentle treatment envelops your muscles and energy points providing a feeling of well-being.

60 mins € 85.00


A nourishing back massage combined with a special technique using “small sticks” enables energy to flow through your spinal column. Tensions, pain and pent-up emotions are released and you walk tall as as you head back into the world.

40 mins € 65.00

Padabhyanga - Indian foot massage

An Ayurvedic foot massage goes far beyond the limits of the well-known foot reflex zone massage. It is not only relaxing, it is also great for sleeplessness, headaches, nervousness and chills. Using specific oils and Ayurvedic grips, our vegetative nervous system is specifically targeted. Your feet will be refreshed and will carry you through life.

40 mins € 65.00